I don’t want hackers, Google or the government watching what I do online

My topic of interest recently has been using https to encrypt my internet connections to improve my security and privacy.  I’m at the point in the process where I’m still accumulating questions faster than finding any answers…

There are several different aspects of https that I’m interested in.  The most important aspect is protecting my emails from mtrad.com & gmail.com.  Getting ssl working for mtrad.com probably has the most unknown & challenging issues involved.  I need to get an ssl certificate, which I’ve never had to do before.  Setting up ssl for mtrad.com also means that I’ve got to figure out ssl for my other domains and websites as well as how a new ssl certificate will affect cpanel and whm on my server. An additional wrinkle is that I need to do this through Servint, my hosting provider so that they will support ssl on my server in the future.  I’m not sure how much I expect ServInt to do vesus taking care of stuff myself.  But I’d like to delegate as much as possible to Servint.  😉

I’m hoping that protecting my gmail  is just a matter of selecting “Always use https” in my settings.  But I need to test it and consider what else I need to do to assure security.

For my website, I need to install a ssl certificate. implement https service and configure WordPress to use https for all admin pages. Then I need to research what’s needed to support https everywhere.  That includes checking out caching plugins  to see if one performance plugin is a better fit than others and learn how I need to configure it to work properly with https everywhere.

Last but not least, I need to figure out how to use https everywhere on my computers, especially my laptop.  I want to encrypt my net connections so when I’m on a public network, like at Starbucks, hackers can’t listen in on me.  I also want to encrypt my sessions on facebook and tumblr to reduce the chances that hackers can get enough info to hack my account.

If you have any resources, ideas, suggestions or questions, please include them in the comments for this post.  I look forward to learning all about https, ssl certificates and https everywhere…