Fitness Progress as of January 2012

After failing my evaluation with the driving instructor in September, I decided to take a break from working on my cognition and instead focus for a while on improving my fitness.  I figured that it would still help getting back to driving in a couple of ways and also move me forward on other goals.

It’s getting to the end of January and my short-term goal is being able to get out and about on mass transit so I’m not as dependent on Kathy as chauffeur and I can enjoy a little more independence.  The problem is that it’s a 6 block walk between home and the bus stop so I have to be able to hump that in addition to anything else I want to do while I’m out.

This week the reward for hard work was lunch today in San Francisco to celebrate my friend Flora’s birthday.  The adventure was taking the bus and BART on my own into the city for the first time since the stroke.

To increase my walking range more, I need to improve the movement of my left knee and foot so that my gait is more natural and I reduce the strain on my left hip and right leg. another benefit will be an increase in my pace.

Next week, I’ll add a knee to chest exercise in addition to the leg extensions and foot raises that I’ve been doing.  At the end of the week, I’ll re-evaluate my progress in regard to getting back on a bike; see if I need to add any other exercises and how long I need to work before starting on the stationary bikes at the rehab gym. focuses on fitness and working out at home.  The target audience appears to be young women, like Zuzana, although there are bodyrockers of both sexes and most ages.  The primary attraction is the workouts and exercises demonstrated and explained step-by-step by Zuzana.  But Zuzana and Freddy try to connect with their viewers and include everyone in the “bodyrocker” community.

The videos of workouts and exercises are shot by Freddy, giving them a home-made quality and hosted on youtube, providing both a marketing venue and revenue stream from the embedded ads.

In addition to the videos of exercises and videos, there are also posts on diet and food and some of their interesting adventures.  Bodyrockers also send in posts of their own, most commonly pictures to show off the results of their bodyrock workouts.  But there are also personal stories that connect you to the bodyrocker community.

I first ran across when I was searching youtube about how folks use it to market and make money.  Their videos are among the most downloaded on youtube.  Since then I’ve lurked around looking for exercises that I can do with my affected arm and leg and just trying to get motivated to get serious about getting back in shape.

So I think that is an excellent resource for working out at home, with a trainer to create workouts, explain exercises and lead/push to get the most out of it and a way to share the experience with others so you don’t feel like you’re doing it alone.

What do you do to keep fit?  If you’ve got something that you love and think others would too, please share it in your comments.