Hand washing & Coronavirus

There aren’t enough test kits to test everyone with symptoms of Covid-19. There’s not enough gloves,gowns & face masks to protect healthcare staff. There’s no vaccine & no cure. The federal government believes that coronavirus will just disappear one day, so they’re living in fantasyland. We’re screwed.

So what can we do to protect ourselves & others from getting sick? Wash your hands every time before you touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Or at least before & after you go out, after you use the toilet & before you eat. Every time! If you do, you will greatly decrease the chance you will get sick or get someone else sick.

Hand washing is a significant part of social distancing. Even if you keep 6 feet away from everyone else, you’re still touching things that others have previously touched & others will touch after you’re gone. So washing away the germs before you leave them for someone else to pick up or after you’ve picked up someone else’s germs is very effective in stopping the spread of coronavirus.

Happy Independence Day, United States!

Here are some trivia about Independence Day to amaze your friends and family between fireworks tonight:

  • The date of US independence from Great Britain is actually July 2nd 1776, when the Continental Congress adopted a resolution of independence.  The wording of the Declaration Of Independence was debated for another 2 days which is why the date on the Declaration of Independence is July 4, 1776.
  • Although Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin all later wrote that they had signed it on that July 4th, historians claim that the Declaration of Independence was signed a month later on August 2, 1776.
  • We can blame George Washington for perhaps the most enduring tradition of Independence Day – alcohol & fireworks: In 1778, Washington marked July Fourth with a double ration of rum for his men and an artillery salute.
  • The colors of fireworks are created by adding metals.  Copper generates blue fireworks, supposedly the most difficult color of fireworks to produce.

Why Black Lives Matter to White People

The nation dodged a bullet this week; Well, everyone but the Dallas police…  The Dallas police massacre could’ve been the tipping point where the tension between blacks and whites evolved into armed rebellion.   It was a relief to hear President Obama’s comments on Saturday.  That was the first time I heard one of our nations “leaders”‘ address the continuing tension between blacks and the establishment and provide some perspective on changing course away from armed rebellion instead of using the situation to further personal agendas.

Even if the Dallas police massacre didn’t trigger a conflagration of armed violence,  there will be plenty of opportunities to do so as protests increase & tensions rise.  Protestors carried long guns (rifles & shotguns) in marches on Saturday.

I thank the republicans in congress for making this situation not only possible but likely to escalate.  Their actions (or inactions) have pushed the situation to this prescipice:  Their adament refusal to do anything about gun control have armed the protesters.  Doing nothing in recent weeks except a political witch hunt of Hillary Clinton leaves there no establishment leadership to respond to citizen’s concerns, both black & white, and demonstrates to blacks that their lives are no concern of theirs.

Many may say that this isn’t that big a deal.  Eventually everyone will give up their protests & return to their daily lives.  I’m sure the same was said in the colonies in the 1760’s.  It’s not easy to recognize a rebellion until it’s too late to avoid it. Pray that we can learn that lesson from previous rebellions & respond in time to avoid this one.  Because armed rebellion affects everyone – even folks living in their nice safe homes in gated communities.  they won’t have to turn on the TV to see innocent bystanders getting shot and trampled while protesters & establishment forces battle it out.

We Need A Liberty Party!

So, how do we do it?  Certainly not by dreaming about what if we had a utopia, where the system always worked and we didn’t have to worry  about terrorists and natural disasters and Americans trying to cheat the system for their own gain without caring how they could wreck the system for everyone.  I would start by building an organization that promoted libertarian principles and educating the public on what they mean to us.  That would give libertarians something that they could identify with without being embarrassed.

Step-by-Step  How To Form a Liberty Party

If you’ve gotten this far, I figure that you’re interested enough to consider what it would take to create a libertarian party that libertarians could be proud of.  For the moment, let’s assume that there’s enough interest to support a real libertarian political party…

  • First, we need to decide on a platform and the strategy that a core of party founders will use to get the party up and running.
  • Publicize the party platform and educate the public on what libertarian principles mean to them.  Give libertarians a group they would be proud to identify with.
  • Lobby for libertarian issues and support candidates with libertarian positions.
  • Build a grass-roots organization that can get Liberty Party candidates elected to local offices to build their resumes to qualify for higher offices. Build partnerships with other political organizations and lobbying groups to promote libertarian issues.
  • When we have a presidential candidate that could win enough votes to be a credible alternative to the Democratic and Republican candidates, nominate a Liberty Party candidate for US President.

At that point we should have a viable Liberty Party that can influence debate on national issues and candidates for elective office at all levels.


Libertarians and Government

(edited & updated Nov 18, 2011…)

I am one of six libertarians in my town.  I know there can’t be many more because every year the Libertarian Party asks me to run for one local office or another,  It’s ironic that a party dedicated to no government is trying to elect government officials.

I call myself libertarian and I believe in libertarian principles as I read about them in Heinlein stories.  Clearly, the Democratic and Republican parties aren’t interested in libertarian values.  But when someone mentions the Libertarian Party, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m a libertarian too.  It just seems that the party is run by kooks and crackpots.  They spout off on how the government is stealing our hard-earned dollars and giving them away.  The candidates for national office are so obviously nutcases that Ralph Nader could beat them in a landslide.

Libertarians rant about how government is evil and unnecessary.  I disagree – every system I know of has some sort of mechanism to deal with problems or when the system breaks down.  Government is that mechanism for our system.  When the system fails or there’s a problem that overwhelms the system, government is there to get things back on track.  So if we got rid of government, then we would have to invent something to replace it.  And I’m not sure we could come up with anything that is better than what we have.

So we need an organization that Libertarians can proudly associate with and that others will take seriously.  Then we could actually work on getting our government to move toward libertarian ideals and eliminate all those things that drive libertarians up a wall.  🙂