Site updates

I have fixed some problems with file permissions which caused automated WordPress updates to fail. in addition to fixing the WordPress upgrade issue, the new file permissions increase security, making it more difficult for hackers to modify files that they shouldn’t be messing with.

With that problem fixed, I have upgraded the site to 5.1, the latest version of WordPress. A feature of WordPress 5.1 is that it complains to the site administrator if it detects that it’s running on an older version of PHP. Upgrading PHP requires the participation of my hosting provider, so I’m going to start that process. There may be some downtime involved when we do get to the actual upgrade.

New Publishing Schedule

Starting in November I will change my publishing frequency from three times a week to two.  If I run across something that I can publish sooner, I will.  But readers should find a new article every Tuesday and Friday, California time.

My recent posting fiasco convinced me that I’m trying to do too much too quickly.  I need more time to develop and write articles that are worth your time reading.  In the future, as I learn how to write faster and more efficiently, I will adjust the schedule accordingly.

Thanks for your patience while I fumble around publicly learning to blog.