Don’t over-think WordPress…

A day or two ago, I found a very inspirational clip on youtube that I wanted to include in a post.  Since I hadn’t done this before, I read about it in the WordPress Codex, which said that when you’re watching a youtube video, just copy and paste the url onto a separate line in […]

My New Years resolution didn’t last long

2 days as a matter of fact.  What remains to be seen is whether this is a hiccup or the beginning of the end.  At least this time I didn’t go off the air for weeks.  This happening does point to a couple of reasons that resolutions often (usually?) fail.  First off, resolutions are usually […]

I don’t want hackers, Google or the government watching what I do online

My topic of interest recently has been using https to encrypt my internet connections to improve my security and privacy.  I’m at the point in the process where I’m still accumulating questions faster than finding any answers… There are several different aspects of https that I’m interested in.  The most important aspect is protecting my […]

My Secret Advantage inTechnology

Before the Internet spoiled us all with the promise of limitless information available at our fingertips, I had a secret advantage over other techies that allowed me to exhibit expertise in a wide range of technical subjects…  I had a huge library of technical books… and I am a good reader.  So whenever I was […]

How I’m Going To Grow My Blog To 1,000 Visitors Per Week (Part 1)

This is the first of several articles describing how I intend to grow my blog to one thousand visitors per week.  Today, I’m focusing on preparations that I need to do before jumping in and doing stuff to grow the blog. What’s clear to me from the visible disruptions that I’ve had already with the […]

Knowing How Long It Will Take is the Mark of a Professional

When the mechanic or plumber can tell you how long it will take to fix your problem, you are instantly more confident that they will do a good job.  If they know how long it will take, then they must already be familiar with what needs to be done… As a software engineering professional for […]