I don’t want hackers, Google or the government watching what I do online

My topic of interest recently has been using https to encrypt my internet connections to improve my security and privacy.  I’m at the point in the process where I’m still accumulating questions faster than finding any answers… There are several different aspects of https that I’m interested in.  The most important aspect is protecting my […]

My Secret Advantage inTechnology

Before the Internet spoiled us all with the promise of limitless information available at our fingertips, I had a secret advantage over other techies that allowed me to exhibit expertise in a wide range of technical subjects…  I had a huge library of technical books… and I am a good reader.  So whenever I was […]

Tame Your Email Inbox

Configure your email client to automatically move messages that aren’t urgent such as sales receipts, automated action notices and discussion group messages to folders so they can be dealt with in the appropriate time-frame. Tune your spam filters to make sure they are getting rid of as much spam as possible. Each day, go through […]

Tweaks For Gmail

Testing… testing…  Is this thing on? <thunk> <thunk> Ahh, folks, I’m still testing my gmail stuff so the article isn’t quite ready.  I’ll update it as soon as it’s done.   It should be soon… Uhh, this article must be cursed.  Today I was trying to test creating filters and the “create a filter” link had […]

Personal IT, everyone needs it but who has it?

Before the stroke, I was the IT expert for family and friends.  Some time after getting home from the hospital, I realized that I don’t remember how to care for PCs and other computing equipment like I used to.  Now I’m like everyone else.  How do they handle keeping their computing environment going? So, now […]