November Fitness Update

This is just a quick update on where I am at with my fitness program.  I don’t feel like I am fully underway with it.  There are signs that I need to more seriously pursue a fitness program and a few that I’m starting to make progress.

Under the heading of “Signs that I Need to Get Serious About Fitness”, Joe and others have observed that I’ve gained weight.  Kathy is not overly concerned – I think that she shares my memory of losing all that weight in the hospital.  Dr Smith, my eye doctor, at my annual checkup was worried about my blood pressure and suggested that it would be good to lose some weight.  I was going to replace my snacking on m&m’s with chex mix and pringles but she suggested that I cut down on salt.  🙁

More importantly, my experience at the reunion and haircut last Saturday demonstrate that I need to improve my walking endurance.  I was so wiped out at the end of the reunion that I almost stumbled down the stairs leaving and was still tired the next day.  Tiring out returning from Domenico’s indicates that walking to and from the bus stop might still be beyond me and I need to train more before attempting to use the regular bus.  On the positive side, I had a good session walking intervals around the court Tuesday.  If I can do 3 sessions of intervals each week, I should be ready to try the regular bus for my next haircut.

On a less important note:  I need to get a picture showing my November fitness.  I wanted to take it today but I was distracted and also forgot that Julia was at her cousin’s house until bed-time.  Hopefully Thursday…

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