Praying For a New Life

I’ve decided that I’m going to pray for what I need and want in life.  I’m going to pray for everything and everyone.  I’m going to pray so much that God is going to get tired of my continual supplication.  And by praying, I want to bring about these things and focus myself on creating them or making them happen.

I joined the lds church last June and most members are enthusiastic pray-ers.  They will pray about just about anything and for just about everyone.  They believe that Heavenly Father (God) hears all prayers and answers them and that He knows each of us “by name”, “individually” and “personally”.  That may very well be true but my problem is when they anthropomorphise God, it gets in the way of understanding what prayer is about.  (Maybe that isn’t really too far off if we’re all children of God or part of the “great consciousness”.   Maybe Jesus was trying to teach how we can all be creators just like him and Heavenly Father.)  prayer is not just another conversation like you have with your next door neighbor over the fence while pruning the roses.

A prayer is your focused effort to make something by conscious will.  It’s like a formal method of working the law of attraction.  Of course, now I’ve annoyed all those pray-ers by equating their faith with new age hokum…  But at some level, both the pray-ers and the law of attraction folks are saying to do the same thing – think about what you want to happen so that God or whatever powers the universe can make it come about.

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