School Teachers

Our children spend more than a quarter of their waking hours at school and their teacher(s) are the ones responsible for them and educating them on stuff they need to succeed as adults.

That means that our children’s teachers are the most significant influence on children after their parents.  We expect them to keep our kids safe.  We expect them to teach our children what they need to succeed.  We expect them to teach kids how to work and play with others.  We hope they’ll teach them how to face and overcome daunting challenges.  If we’re lucky, they’ll teach them to enjoy learning and how to have fun even when they’re working hard.

This week was Back to School Night for local schools.  Despite the effort required to get my old, broken-down body to get moving, I was very determined to show up and give teachers a chance to share what they hope and expect to happen this school year and take the opportunity to show that I’m keenly interested in what goes on at school.  Parents’ attendence at Back To School Night is the single best indicator of whether a student will be successful in school. I hope that you care enough about your kids to attend.  It doesn’t usually cost anything and only takes 2-3 hours out of your life.

By Back To School Night most parents are fed up with all the demanding and pleading for more money for a supposedly “free” education.  It’s a natural reaction to say “no more!” but that’s not just ineffective at changing the system, it’s plain mean to people who are caught in the middle.  If you want to fix the system, you need to find a way that motivates the decision makers which is surely not by depriving teachers of what they need to be able to teach.