TED (ted.com)

TED (ted.com) is utube for the public broadcasting set. It’s amazing the breadth and depth of the presentations available on ted.com.  Originally, you needed to attend a TED conference to listen to these incredible speakers, but now you can just point your browser at ted.com and search for a topic, a speaker or specific presentation on hundreds of topics.

I have never been disappointed in a presentation.  Some topics may not have kept my interest, but the speakers and presentations have always been worth watching.  Whether you’re just looking for a quick brain break, to learn more about a topic or just to be inspired, you can find it on TED.com.

ted.com has been around for quite a while and I’ve been a fan for a long time.  Since the stroke, I’ve visited ted.com many times when I felt down and needed inspiration.  My favorite speaker is Aimee Mullins, who, despite having no shins, became a collegiate caliber sprinter and competed at the paralympics against able-legged competitors.  Since then, she has worked as a model and inspirational speaker.

Aimee has two presentations on TED, the first focuses on her experiences running and the prosthetics that she uses.  The other presentation discusses how society treats people with disabilities and how that treatment can cause the disabled to essentially give up, accept society’s expectation and not even try to accomplish anything.

So whether you need inspiration, entertainment or education, you can find it on TED.