Personal IT, everyone needs it but who has it?

Before the stroke, I was the IT expert for family and friends.  Some time after getting home from the hospital, I realized that I don’t remember how to care for PCs and other computing equipment like I used to.  Now I’m like everyone else.  How do they handle keeping their computing environment going?

So, now I have to learn how to keep PCs and networks running (again.)  At least I used to know how to.  That means I know I can do it.  I just have to figure out the how.  🙂

First order of business is to find some mentors who can teach me and be a sounding board while I explore alternatives.  I used to have a bunch of friends in the business who had different expertise and we helped each other with  stuff that we knew that others didn’t know as much.  here was always at least one who could help me with a problem. But being out of circulation for 3 years means that I’ve lost contact with everyone – even if they know I’m not dead.  I guess I need to start emailing and calling old friends and associates.

IT is not that difficult.  You just need to be patient and solve problems. But it helps to have mentors that can help you with stuff you haven’t seen before; folks who can tell you when you’re on the right track or when you should try something different.  Maybe we can mentor each other.  As I re-learn this IT stuff,  I’ll post about it.  And if you know something, you can share it with all of us in a comment or guest post. TIA!  Not in the medical sense, in the Internet lingo sense for “thanks in advance!”  🙂