Hand washing & Coronavirus

There aren’t enough test kits to test everyone with symptoms of Covid-19. There’s not enough gloves,gowns & face masks to protect healthcare staff. There’s no vaccine & no cure. The federal government believes that coronavirus will just disappear one day, so they’re living in fantasyland. We’re screwed.

So what can we do to protect ourselves & others from getting sick? Wash your hands every time before you touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Or at least before & after you go out, after you use the toilet & before you eat. Every time! If you do, you will greatly decrease the chance you will get sick or get someone else sick.

Hand washing is a significant part of social distancing. Even if you keep 6 feet away from everyone else, you’re still touching things that others have previously touched & others will touch after you’re gone. So washing away the germs before you leave them for someone else to pick up or after you’ve picked up someone else’s germs is very effective in stopping the spread of coronavirus.