Libertarians and Government

(edited & updated Nov 18, 2011…)

I am one of six libertarians in my town.  I know there can’t be many more because every year the Libertarian Party asks me to run for one local office or another,  It’s ironic that a party dedicated to no government is trying to elect government officials.

I call myself libertarian and I believe in libertarian principles as I read about them in Heinlein stories.  Clearly, the Democratic and Republican parties aren’t interested in libertarian values.  But when someone mentions the Libertarian Party, I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m a libertarian too.  It just seems that the party is run by kooks and crackpots.  They spout off on how the government is stealing our hard-earned dollars and giving them away.  The candidates for national office are so obviously nutcases that Ralph Nader could beat them in a landslide.

Libertarians rant about how government is evil and unnecessary.  I disagree – every system I know of has some sort of mechanism to deal with problems or when the system breaks down.  Government is that mechanism for our system.  When the system fails or there’s a problem that overwhelms the system, government is there to get things back on track.  So if we got rid of government, then we would have to invent something to replace it.  And I’m not sure we could come up with anything that is better than what we have.

So we need an organization that Libertarians can proudly associate with and that others will take seriously.  Then we could actually work on getting our government to move toward libertarian ideals and eliminate all those things that drive libertarians up a wall.  🙂