We Need A Liberty Party!

So, how do we do it?  Certainly not by dreaming about what if we had a utopia, where the system always worked and we didn’t have to worry  about terrorists and natural disasters and Americans trying to cheat the system for their own gain without caring how they could wreck the system for everyone.  I would start by building an organization that promoted libertarian principles and educating the public on what they mean to us.  That would give libertarians something that they could identify with without being embarrassed.

Step-by-Step  How To Form a Liberty Party

If you’ve gotten this far, I figure that you’re interested enough to consider what it would take to create a libertarian party that libertarians could be proud of.  For the moment, let’s assume that there’s enough interest to support a real libertarian political party…

  • First, we need to decide on a platform and the strategy that a core of party founders will use to get the party up and running.
  • Publicize the party platform and educate the public on what libertarian principles mean to them.  Give libertarians a group they would be proud to identify with.
  • Lobby for libertarian issues and support candidates with libertarian positions.
  • Build a grass-roots organization that can get Liberty Party candidates elected to local offices to build their resumes to qualify for higher offices. Build partnerships with other political organizations and lobbying groups to promote libertarian issues.
  • When we have a presidential candidate that could win enough votes to be a credible alternative to the Democratic and Republican candidates, nominate a Liberty Party candidate for US President.

At that point we should have a viable Liberty Party that can influence debate on national issues and candidates for elective office at all levels.