9 Things To Get Before Discharge From Rehab

Your last day of rehab is an emotional time when you get to look back on how far you’ve improved and thank everyone for their help and support.  It’s a great milestone in your recovery and you should savor everything about this event.

But it’s important that when you walk out of the clinic, you’ve got the stuff you need to be able to go forward on your own.  After your discharge, you won’t be around the clinic or your therapists, so you won’t have access to all the incidental resources that come with therapy that you may not even realize you can access!  Mostly, it’s information that you need to glean from your therapists, but there is also an array of aids, equipment and other materials that the therapists have at hand for your therapy that is not so easy to locate and acquire in the real world.

  1. Contact info for your therapist(s):  preferably personal, not thru the clinic.  (Therapists move from clinic to clinic & clinics may come & go.
  2. Contact info for the clinic.
  3. Contact info for doctor who supervised your rehab:  It’s useful to know someone who specializes in head trauma & rehab after brain injury should you have any questions or concerns in the future.
  4. Contact info for local stroke support group.
  5. Samples of aids & other equipment & materials:  That’s how I learned about Dycem sheets that will hold stuff to a flat surface.  Really helpful for opening containers of all kinds and being able to hold things in place when you would normally use a second hand.
  6. Catalogs with products for Rehab therapists and clinics:  Maybe I’m visually oriented put sometimes seeing pictures of stuff gives me a better idea of what it does.  And having a catalog, you can just flip through it and find things even if you don’t know what they’re called.
  7. URLs for places that sell stuff that would help.
  8. URLs for websites that the therapist finds useful or worthwhile.
  9. A plan for continuing independent rehab.