A Positive Attitude is a Healthy Attitude

At my annual checkup this week, my eye doctor was very impressed with my continued recovery from the stroke.  These kinds of appointments are fun for me because I exceed their expectations and they see more apparent progress than I do because they only see it a few times a year where I see it every day.

I respect Dr Smith a lot – she is very observant and pays attention to everything that can affect my health.  While I may not adopt all of her suggestions, I do appreciate her pointing them out and I seriously consider how to incorporate them into my life.

Dr Smith observed my positive attitude at my checkup (which wasn’t surprising given the praise I was receiving) and pointed out how important a positive attitude was to recovering from any serious trauma in life.  I was surprised that Dr Smith considered my stroke recovery an uncommon success story.  I don’t think that I’ve done anything unusual or heroic.  I’ve just remained determined to regain as much of my self-sufficiency as possible.  My expectation is that I will eventually be a contributing member of society again, just like everyone else.